Hush. Classic Weighted Blanket

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Hush. Classic Weighted Blanket Sizes



Hush.  Classic Weighted Blanket with cover

Like a much-needed hug, the Hush Weighted Blanket helps turn stress and anxiety into 100% CALM.   You’ll love this science-backed, stress-reducing (lowering cortisol), happiness-inducing (upping serotonin) and sleep-initiating (hello, melatonin) weighted blanket!
What’s the ideal weight for you?
Simply get the blanket that’s 10% of your body weight or 10% of you and your sleep partner’s combined weight. And, if you’re in between weights, simply go for the heavier blanket.
No prescriptions needed. Just one blanket that you can take with you anywhere!

Hush Classic available in 12LB and 15LB.


12LB – 48″ x 78″

15LB – 60″ x 80″