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Product Specifications


Product Specifications



Hush. Hybrid Pillow

The Hush Hybrid Pillow is the newest addition to Hush. Sleep Essentials collection. After 13 months of deep research and development into the latest sleep tech, the Hush Hybrid pillow was designed.

The Hush Pillow is fully adjustable which means it works for any sleeper (side, back, stomach), and even comes with a FREE Hush Travel Pillow included to put the extra ""fluff"".

Designed as a custom hybrid of shredded memory foam and vegan down (shredded microfibre) for the filling. This allows your head to relax into a feathery dream while still being gently supported by the memory foam.

This pillow also comes with an innovative ICED technology infused into both sides of the pillow, so you never have to flip it to get to the ""cool side"" of the pillow.

The removable and easy to wash bamboo cover is naturally antibacterial and made with anti-face-wrinkle technology. Providing a safe and soft touch for your face all night long.

This is a pillow that knows you and that you'll take everywhere. Use the included Travel Pillow on the plane, in the car, or on the train.

Specs and Benefits:
     * Perforated Bamboo Cover is cool to the touch and ultra-breathable with constant air flow

     *Hush foam and faux down hybrid means the pillow is very soft yet supportive, and never loses it's ""oomph""
     *100% antibacterial bamboo cover protects your skin from harmful toxins that store and build up in regular pillows (even after just one use)

     *Size: Standard 20"" x 26""

     *OEKO-TEX certified. Made with ethically-sourced fibres that are organic and hypoallergenic

     *Pillow is Standard Sized with smaller FREE Travel Pillow included

     *100 Night Guarantee on all pillow orders. Try it for 100 nights. Love it or your money back!

In the box:
1 x Hush Bamboo Removable Cover with zipper (easy to wash)

1 x Adjustable Inner Pillow with extra stuffing

1 x FREE Hush Travel Pillow (black) to store the extra fluff and take anywhere

Comes pre-assembled.


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